Thursday, October 6, 2016

Unlimited Storage for Google Pixel

Google just announced their new smartphone called Google Pixel and it has a very promising features. One of the features that I’d like to point out is the unlimited storage for full resolution photos and videos. Goodbye “Storage is Full” notification then.
The company actually provided it already before via Google Photos service where your photos are automatically uploaded to the cloud storage but requires to use the storage under your Google Account.

Google Pixel user can enjoy this free service from Google and is indeed a big perk. “High resolution” and not “Original” copies of your photos and videos will be uploaded to the cloud and that seems fair compared to other services. With regard to the Apple iCloud, they only limit you to 5GB and is $0.99 for extra 50GB. So, free storage is still way better than paid services, right?

You will only have to set up one time for the upload process and the next will be automatic upload feature dubbed as “Smart Storage”. The new phone can shoot 4k resolution and HDR thanks to the 12MP camera and f/2.0 lens. So the unlimited photo and video storage will come in handy every time you play it via Chromecast or other streaming devices.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

EyeEm, earn extra income with your photos!

EyeEm is a leading photo community today. It builds technology to showcase best images from the world’s leading photo community.

I am a member of EyeEm for quite a long time now and was able to earn certain amount of money from them. The good thing about EyeEm is that the registration is free and it’s like a social media for photographers around the world. You get to like, follow and share photos directly inside the EyeEm community. On my own experience, I get to learn some tips from pro photographers from EyeEm. A lot of professional photographers have joined EyeEm and was able to sell their photos online.  In my case, I was able to sell some of my photos at EyeEm but still struggling from hitting the spotlight. The challenge for me was how am I able to be seen by people inside EyeEm? So, whenever I upload a new photo, I always make sure that I tag it and provide caption and description of photo so people can be able to search for it easily.

EyeEm partnered with Getty Images so that users of EyeEm can also sell their photos at Getty. So, why don’t you try EyeEm now and install it on your phone either iOS or Android or you can go ahead and visit their website and check some of my photos there!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Tres Marias Naliwatan Peak

A few weeks ago, my cousin, Ivan, created an Event at Facebook titled Mama Mary’s Birthday Climb at Naliwatan Peak scheduled on September 17, 2016. A was excited and was eager to join the climb but I only hit “Maybe” because I’m not yet sure whether I could join them or not because of some of my compliances at work and I lack of preparation. As you can see, Naliwatan Peak is the second highest mountain in Region VIII next to Alto Peak of Jaro/Ormoc, Leyte. So a good preparation physically and mentally is really needed. I have no time to prepare physically because I have work and compliances to be done. The night before the D-Day, I met with my fellow climbers and had a meeting prior to the climb. I met new friends and a distant relative who happens to be our guide during the climb.
Though I am not physically prepared for the climb, I still decided to join them because I missed trekking and going on an adventure.

Jump off Area at Brgy Sampao, Almeria, Bilira
left to right: Ryan Kyle, Janine, JV, Ivan, Makoy, Me, Julius and Deo
Had our lunch at a river going to the camp site
Nomads Falls
We left Naval at about 0930H and went to Brgy. Sampao, Almeria, Biliran and from there we trek and pass thru Ulan-Ulan Falls, Recoletos Falls and Nomads Falls (Named after the first Mountaineering Group who explored the area). On our way to the campsite, we river trek, cross tree lines and rocks that needs to be hugged literally just to be able to continue your trek because it blocks the trail and is the only way to reach our destination. We reached the camp site at about 1430H and immediately prepared our sleeping paraphernalia. I don’t have a tent but I have a hammock with mosquito net, a usual item for PNP Members. After the dinner, we prayed the rosary in honor of the birthday of Mama Mary. Had few shots of brandy and then hit the bed because we were scheduled to go to the peak early  on next day.

On our way to the camp site
Camp Site area
After our Rosary, had a get together
Day 2
We were supposed to wake up at about 0430H the next day so we can see the sunrise at the Mt. Naliwatan Peak but to no avail because everybody woke up late. So we decided to just eat our breakfast and then hit the trails to the peak. The trails to the peak was hard compared to the trails to the campsite based on my own opinion. Because there are certain areas there that you’ll have to walk to the edge of the mountain and have to hold on to the roots of the trees. Going to the peak, you’ll see a lot of pitcher plants, different birds and insects that can only be found at the mountain. The peak of Tres Marias Mt. Naliwatan was very mossy. It was cold and it feels like it’s already 1800H but it was still 1000H when we reached the peak. We took photos and had minutes of rest then traversed back to the camp site. After reaching the camp site, we immediately prepared lunch then packed up our things so we can reach the Barangay (village) proper of Sampao before the sun sets. On our way to Brgy Sampao, we had a stopover at Nomads falls so we can take a dip for a few minutes. After Nomads Falls, we trekked back to Brgy Sampao and hit the roads to Naval.

I really enjoyed my experience from Tres Marias Naliwatan Peak because I was able to make new good friends and was able to appreciate more the beauty of our nature. 

Mt. Panamao

The second peak of Tres Marias

Pitcher Plant

Me at the 2nd highest peak of Eastern Visayas

First time I saw an orange moss

On our way back to Brgy Sampao


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Meet My New Pets, Arya and Lucas

Two weeks ago, me and my buddies bought puppies from our colleague at Villaba, Leyte. The puppies parents are a Labrador and a Goldador (cross of Labrador and Golden Retriever). I bought one male and one female and named Lucas and Arya, respectively. Lucas was named by my girlfriend and I named the female Arya because Arya Stark is one of my favorite character in Game of Thrones. So, right now, you will all be probably seeing a lot of posts about my puppies since I am fond of taking photos of them both. Here are some of the photos I took.
This is Arya, very very playful

Lucas who is always tired and just want to lie down

Another shot of Lucas, resting but he's also very playful.

Arya showing off in front of the camera. :)


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Visit Acaban Cave at Biliran Island

One of the interesting place that can be found in Biliran Island is the Acaban Cave aside from the waterfalls. It is located at Brgy Acaban, Culaba, Biliran; a 30 minute drive from Naval, Biliran’s Capital. The entrance fee is just P20 and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and crystal waters of the Acaban Cave.

The Cave of Acaban is wide enough to let the people enter it but the only accessible part of the cave is about 20ft from the opening. Legend has it that the Cave is not natural but man made. The caretaker of the place said that treasure hunter once blasted the cave believing that they can find a treasure in the area. I haven’t asked though if they were able to find one.

When you go swimming at Acaban Cave, make sure that you know how to swim because the water is too deep especially in the middle part. Bringing of life jacket is advised for the kids and even adults if they don’t know how to swim. Snorkeling is a fun activity when going to Acaban Cave because there are different type of fishes that you can see there. You can even feed them with bread. It’s definitely a must for the visitors of Biliran to have a look at Acaban Cave. I have here below a video presentation I made during my visit at Acaban Cave.


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Oslob Ruins at Oslob Heriitage Park, Cebu

Another destination that can be found in Oslob, Cebu are the Oslob Ruins. The ruins are located at the town proper of Oslob and some of this buildings are built at around late 1800s. It’s just amazing that this buildings are still standing up until today although a lot of natural calamities have hit Cebu for the past few years. I am fond of visiting old places like this. Another nice place to visit is Bohol for their Old churches though I heard that it has been ruined by the earthquake few years back. So, here are some of the photos I took using my Nokia 808 Pureview at the Oslob Heritage Park of Cebu. Enjoy!


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Whale Shark Watching at Oslob, Cebu

One of the fun activities you can do when visiting Cebu is the Whale Shark Watching at Oslob, Cebu. Whale Shark are the gentle giants that resides in tropical waters like the Philippines. Luckily, we have this chance of watching over them here in the Philippines. The Whale Sharks of Oslob are protected by the Local Government Unit and are permanently monitored by the Oslob Bantay Dagat. I and my family was able to visit the place last weekend and good thing the weather was cooperative. When going to Oslob, you can ride a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal and should depart early because Whale Shark Watching is only open until 12:30p.m. I am not certain how much the fair is because we rented a car going to Oslob.  For the local tourists, Whale Shark watching will cost you P500 and P1000 for foreign tourist. Some rules that needs to be followed when watching is to avoid touching the whale sharks, maintain 4 meters distance from them, no applying of sunblock/sunscreen when swimming, no flash photography and no riding. Here are some of the photos I took during our Whale Shark Watching experience.

On the way to Oslob, Cebu

Arriving at the destination. Its about 6-7am and there are a lot of people who arrived earlier than us.
Orientation for the Do's and Don'ts during the swim.
Picture first before riding the boat
Cousin selfie with the Whale Shark at the background

The Whales of Oslob

The Whale Shark enjoying her meal

My niece's amazement seeing the Whale Shark for the first time

Me on a snorkel

My Ultimate Selfie