Thursday, December 10, 2015

Visit Acaban Cave at Biliran Island

One of the interesting place that can be found in Biliran Island is the Acaban Cave aside from the waterfalls. It is located at Brgy Acaban, Culaba, Biliran; a 30 minute drive from Naval, Biliran’s Capital. The entrance fee is just P20 and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and crystal waters of the Acaban Cave.

The Cave of Acaban is wide enough to let the people enter it but the only accessible part of the cave is about 20ft from the opening. Legend has it that the Cave is not natural but man made. The caretaker of the place said that treasure hunter once blasted the cave believing that they can find a treasure in the area. I haven’t asked though if they were able to find one.

When you go swimming at Acaban Cave, make sure that you know how to swim because the water is too deep especially in the middle part. Bringing of life jacket is advised for the kids and even adults if they don’t know how to swim. Snorkeling is a fun activity when going to Acaban Cave because there are different type of fishes that you can see there. You can even feed them with bread. It’s definitely a must for the visitors of Biliran to have a look at Acaban Cave. I have here below a video presentation I made during my visit at Acaban Cave.

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