Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Whale Shark Watching at Oslob, Cebu

One of the fun activities you can do when visiting Cebu is the Whale Shark Watching at Oslob, Cebu. Whale Shark are the gentle giants that resides in tropical waters like the Philippines. Luckily, we have this chance of watching over them here in the Philippines. The Whale Sharks of Oslob are protected by the Local Government Unit and are permanently monitored by the Oslob Bantay Dagat. I and my family was able to visit the place last weekend and good thing the weather was cooperative. When going to Oslob, you can ride a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal and should depart early because Whale Shark Watching is only open until 12:30p.m. I am not certain how much the fair is because we rented a car going to Oslob.  For the local tourists, Whale Shark watching will cost you P500 and P1000 for foreign tourist. Some rules that needs to be followed when watching is to avoid touching the whale sharks, maintain 4 meters distance from them, no applying of sunblock/sunscreen when swimming, no flash photography and no riding. Here are some of the photos I took during our Whale Shark Watching experience.

On the way to Oslob, Cebu

Arriving at the destination. Its about 6-7am and there are a lot of people who arrived earlier than us.
Orientation for the Do's and Don'ts during the swim.
Picture first before riding the boat
Cousin selfie with the Whale Shark at the background

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The Whales of Oslob

The Whale Shark enjoying her meal

My niece's amazement seeing the Whale Shark for the first time

Me on a snorkel

My Ultimate Selfie


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nokia 808 Pureview Macro Shots

Here are some of my Macro photos taken by my Nokia 808 Pureview with the help of the magnetic macro lens I bought online. But the spider photos are just a cropped photo with the power of Pureview. I hope you guys will enjoy it. Cheers!


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ang Maniniyot Invades Bone Thugs-n-Harmony Concert at SM Mall of Asia Arena

Photo from Wave 89.1; Bone posing for their Instagram

Last June 11, 2014 Bone Thugs-n-Harmony paid tribute to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda (International name “Haiyan”) by having a benefit concert. As a BIG FAN of ‘em, I immediately book a ticket for the concert for me to watch them perform live and to help my fellow victims of Typhoon Yolanda. Yes, I am a survivor! Well anyway, I just want to showcase some of the photos I took during the Sound Check and Concert at SM Mall of Asia Arena and the Meet and Greet and after party event for SVIP ticket holders at Solaire. 
Krayzie and Layzie arriving at SM Mall of Asia Arena for Sound Check

Me and Krayzie Bone during Sound Check
Me, Layzie Bone and Big Sloan of Mo Thugs
Some of my fellow fan at Solaire
Layzie Bone signing my Bonafide Cap, a limited edition cap by Wip Caps and Heads Up


Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Matter of How You See It: Sunset view at Leyte


Dave Hill HDR


Friday, January 31, 2014

Dragonfly Close-up Shot

I just thought this picture is worth sharing with. The dragonfly was so kind enough to cooperate with me during his photoshoot. When I took this photo, I was not really happy about it at first because the flash filled in. I forgot to turn off the flash and also I thought it’s no use because I have all the light I need from the sun. Luckily, everything went fine when I viewed the result. I hope you guys will like it.a

Selfie Driving

Texting while driving, that's the common cause of accidents happening in our country today but what about "selfieng" while driving? Ha! I got really really bored while I was on my way back to work when I thought of capturing my shadow while driving. I have been planning of doing this before but only got the courage a few days ago. I just thought that this picture was really nice, an action photo captured by my Nokia 808 Pureview.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Funny Toilet at Andok's Ormoc City

Andok's Ormoc City Toilet
Andok's Ormoc City Toilet

A few days ago, I was walking the streets of Ormoc and saw a newly opened Andok's somewhere at the Ormoc Plaza. I checked in inside and ordered my food for dinner when I decided to go to the washroom to pee and to wash hands. You know, washing hands before eating is a requisite, right? I was stunned in what I saw inside the comfort room, a face-to-face toilet. I don't know what does the engineer imply in creating this design but one thing is for sure, two toilets facing each other can only be seen in Andok's Ormoc City. Woot! This is really hilarious and funny but maybe they have reasons why did they design the men's comfort room like this.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Against The Light? Break The Law.

Common issues when taking photos is when our subject is against the light. Sometimes, breaking the law is cool and I think this photo I took at SRP Cebu City is an example. I know that I was facing the direct sunset when I was about to take a photo but I gamble and tried to take multiple shots. Flares are present and I think that's normal. Those flares added drama to my photo. If you're a photography enthusiast, I think sometimes it would be better for you to break the law and innovate what are there behind the lens.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Dalutan Island Beach Resort

Yesterday, my girlfriend invited me to join with her high school classmates visit Dalutan Island of Almeria, Biliran. I was hesitant at first because I am not that close to some of her friends. So I was thinking if should I join them or not but the thought that I haven’t visited the Island yet gave me the urge to go with them and visit the Island. Dalutan Island is situated in Almeria, Biliran right in front of Agta Beach Resort, Talahid Beach Resort and VRC. The island is owned and managed by Engr. Dondon Muertegui, a childhood friend of my father. The distance is probably 2 or 3 kilometers away from the main land of Biliran, so it should take about 15-30 minutes boat ride from Talahid, Almeria.

Dalutan Island Beach

Our group arrived at Talahid at around 1pm and was able to find a good deal for the boat ride. The boat ride was suppose to be P600 but we were able to haggle up to P500 (Hmm. P100 is still P100).  When arrived at the beach line of Dalutan, we were asked to pay P20/head for the entrance fee exclusive of the cottage and table. Since we were the only beachbum that day, we then asked if we could just pay for the entrance and use the table for free for our lunch. The caretaker was too good to let us use the table and some facilities.
Picture Taking at Dalutan Island
My girlfriend with her high school classmates

That afternoon was all swimming and diving for my girlfriend and her high school classmates. Me, I tried to roam around and search for some interesting sites near the shoreline. Most part of the Island has rock formation on its side and only a hundred meters approximate for the beach line.
Rock Formation
The Rock Formation of Dalutan Island

On our way back to the mainland of Biliran, the boatman was so generous to tour us to the back part of the Island. The Island has a cave on the right side wherein bats reside during day time and the only way for you to enter is to swim inside or by boat. I don’t know if that part of the island goes low tide though.
A panoramic view of the beach line with my girlfriend on it.

If you want to visit the Island, you can travel by motorcycle or a 4-wheel vehicle to Talahid and ask for a boatman that goes to Dalutan Island. Try to haggle for the fare because for me, P600 fare is too expensive for the two way boat ride. Bring your own foods on the Island because you won’t see any convenience store in it. The management also doesn’t allow an overnight stay to their visitors so at 5pm, you should be going back to the main land of Biliran together with the caretaker of the Island.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Use Camera Phone for Macro Shot

I know this would be a very interesting topic to some of you who really like DIY (Do It Yourself). Macro isn't impossible through our mobile phones nowadays because there have been a lot of products popping out on the market like the Photojojo and Jelly Lens but if you lack on budget or you just want a simple challenge and creating your own macro lens for your mobile phone, I think you would really want to check on this topic I created last 2009 on my personal blog. I actually learned it from Nokia Blog and applied it on myself. Enjoy macroing! :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Let Kids Be Kids

Kids Naked 

Being a kid is still the best part of our life. You don't problem problems and you don't care about anything as long as you can play and hate sleeping during noon time. Sometimes I wsh I can be Benjamin Button when I get old until I stay being a kid. That would be awesome but the problem is who would take care of you. That's the most important when being a kid, you need to have a guardian. I started reminiscing about my childhood when I saw this 2 kids at Leyte, Leyte during their fiesta celebration. They are bonded together and at a very young age, they already know how to help each other in their own little way. By pushing a flat tired bike NAKED! Hehe.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Traditional Filipino Games, Is it still alive?

Some kids in an highly urbanized cities in the Philippine nowadays are very exposed to the high tech gadgets. Example are my niece and nephew. They have PSP Vita, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, Kindle, Laptop and mobile phones. All of their spare time are being spent in front of this gadgets and I don't know if they could still play outside like the kids back in the 90s. When I was a kid, I used to play tagu-taguan, habulan, patintero and all the kid stuff played at the street. I think it has been passed from the old days up to the next generation but right now, kids don't play those games anymore. Kids this days plays Dota, Farmville, Mafia Wars, Angry Birds and list goes on and on. It's like the traditional Filipino games are being erased and will now remain a history.

I was amazed when I saw some kids playing at the street when I was able to visit a certain place in Villaba, Leyte. They played "syatong" and "bomber or bummer" (I don't know the exact spelling). I was happy watching them because I was able to recall my childhood games. Compared to the games being played by kids nowadays, the traditional Filipino games are more actively played and I think it's more fun. I just hope that this won't be forgotten by kids and would still be played on the streets.

Agta Beach Resort Sunset Shot

I was able to visit Agta Beach Resort again this afternoon with my Sister and her husband Tim. We inquired about their island hopping and scuba diving fees. They do really have a good deal and I think my sister and Tim would avail of their offer. So, while waiting for them to finish their chitchat with the staff of Agta, I was playing with my mobile phone Nokia N8 and was planning to take a photo of the sunset. It may be the last sunset of the week because there's gonna be a typhoon coming called Typhoon Bopha or locally known as "Pablo". Done tweaking with the settings of the camera and then I'm all set so I took the photos and I think this one is the most beautiful among the set. ☺

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Siesta Under the Tree

Yesterday, when I was waiting for our vehicle to be fixed, I felt the urge of sleeping and wanted to relax. I saw a bench under a big tree and tried to reminisce. The tree isn't huge and I don't have any idea about the name of the tree. Reminiscing didn't last that long because I fell asleep. This is what I really want, siesta under a very big tree. The climate is perfect. The air is refreshing and everyhing is perfect.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Botanical Tres. Blob Upload Picture

Created this post using
Blob. I was just trying it's new feature in supporting uploads direct from your mobile phone.

Friday, November 2, 2012

HDR: School Building

I stumbled upon this high school somewhere in Capoocan, Leyte and I really like the reflection of the building on the water. Took a photo of it thru my Nokia N8 and edited the picture using HDR Pro. All being done thru my mobile phone. I just hope that some of you liked it. ☺

Bottled Drinks, not available

I was at a gasoline station waiting for our mechanic to arrive because the devil's car broke down again. The climate was too warm and I felt the urge of drinking any of this bottled drinks but none of them are cold. They were all displayed on a table and nothing stored on the fridge. So I was stucked to just taking a picture of this bottled drinks and posting it on my blog. Whew. 


Friday, October 12, 2012

Yamaha DT-125 Converted to Honda CRF

I just wanna show off my new motorcycle. Actually, its not new, it's just refurbished into a different type of motorcycle. The original body of this bike is Yamaha DT-125 Y-4 series and was able to change the body into Honda CRF. The engine is still original, only the body kit has been changed and some tweaking at the chassis. The 2T tank of my bike has been transferred underneath the chair. Painted black on it and I am really proud of the result. Thanks to Doydoy of Ormoc City for pimping my ride!☺

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bokeh by Ang Maniniyot

For all this time, I have been amazed of the art of Bokeh. If you don't know what Bokeh is, check on this link for some info about Bokeh. I practiced Bokeh but for some reason, I'm still no good at it. I don't know if it's the camera or its just me. So just take a look at some of my Bokeh shots and give me critics about it. You can also teach me how to dougie, aw, Bokeh I mean.
Christmas Light Bokeh during the Midnight Mass at Naval, Biliran

Christmas Light Bokeh again at the house of my Uncle

Took this Bokeh just outside our room at  Palm Beach Resort and Spa Mactan

Bokeh from Vivo KTV Bar's Private Room