Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Hi, my name is Boffill Bernardes, owner of and the blog. That's me in the corner! I created this blog because I have a passion in art. I think it does really run in the blood. Anyway, regarding this blog, I just want to set your expectation that I am not a professional photographer and I'm still on the process of learning it. I have just created this blog to showcase my talent though I know I'm not really good at it. Also, I don't own an SLR camera. I'm only using my camera phone N82 and a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30. I just hope that ya'll like some of my shots and please, do give me some feedbacks about it. I would really appreciate those because I know I will learn a lot from you guys. I promise that I will keep this blog updated in the best way that I can. I travel a lot before but unfortunately, I don't have a camera during those days. That's too bad for me but this time, I will always make sure that I can be able to take picture almost everyday. I have friends who wants my pictures to be in their projects like a book cover or a video proposal and they ask me if I would allow them to use my pictures. Of course I do allow them as long as they would give credit to me. It is important for me getting credits to the works I've done and if you would want to use my picture too, please, feel free to approach me or send me an email at
Thank you all for your visit and I hope you guys like my work.

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