Monday, December 31, 2012

Dalutan Island Beach Resort

Dalutan Island Beach Resort

Yesterday, my girlfriend invited me to join with her high school classmates visit Dalutan Island of Almeria, Biliran. I was hesitant at first because I am not that close to some of her friends. So I was thinking if should I join them or not but the thought that I haven’t visited the Island yet gave me the urge to go with them and visit the Island. Dalutan Island is situated in Almeria, Biliran right in front of Agta Beach Resort, Talahid Beach Resort and VRC. The island is owned and managed by Engr. Dondon Muertegui, a childhood friend of my father. The distance is probably 2 or 3 kilometers away from the main land of Biliran, so it should take about 15-30 minutes boat ride from Talahid, Almeria.

Dalutan Island Beach

Our group arrived at Talahid at around 1pm and was able to find a good deal for the boat ride. The boat ride was suppose to be P600 but we were able to haggle up to P500 (Hmm. P100 is still P100).  When arrived at the beach line of Dalutan, we were asked to pay P20/head for the entrance fee exclusive of the cottage and table. Since we were the only beachbum that day, we then asked if we could just pay for the entrance and use the table for free for our lunch. The caretaker was too good to let us use the table and some facilities.
Picture Taking at Dalutan Island
My girlfriend with her high school classmates

That afternoon was all swimming and diving for my girlfriend and her high school classmates. Me, I tried to roam around and search for some interesting sites near the shoreline. Most part of the Island has rock formation on its side and only a hundred meters approximate for the beach line.
Rock Formation
The Rock Formation of Dalutan Island

On our way back to the mainland of Biliran, the boatman was so generous to tour us to the back part of the Island. The Island has a cave on the right side wherein bats reside during day time and the only way for you to enter is to swim inside or by boat. I don’t know if that part of the island goes low tide though.
A panoramic view of the beach line with my girlfriend on it.

If you want to visit the Island, you can travel by motorcycle or a 4-wheel vehicle to Talahid and ask for a boatman that goes to Dalutan Island. Try to haggle for the fare because for me, P600 fare is too expensive for the two way boat ride. Bring your own foods on the Island because you won’t see any convenience store in it. The management also doesn’t allow an overnight stay to their visitors so at 5pm, you should be going back to the main land of Biliran together with the caretaker of the Island.

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