Thursday, October 6, 2016

Unlimited Storage for Google Pixel

Google just announced their new smartphone called Google Pixel and it has a very promising features. One of the features that I’d like to point out is the unlimited storage for full resolution photos and videos. Goodbye “Storage is Full” notification then.
The company actually provided it already before via Google Photos service where your photos are automatically uploaded to the cloud storage but requires to use the storage under your Google Account.

Google Pixel user can enjoy this free service from Google and is indeed a big perk. “High resolution” and not “Original” copies of your photos and videos will be uploaded to the cloud and that seems fair compared to other services. With regard to the Apple iCloud, they only limit you to 5GB and is $0.99 for extra 50GB. So, free storage is still way better than paid services, right?

You will only have to set up one time for the upload process and the next will be automatic upload feature dubbed as “Smart Storage”. The new phone can shoot 4k resolution and HDR thanks to the 12MP camera and f/2.0 lens. So the unlimited photo and video storage will come in handy every time you play it via Chromecast or other streaming devices.

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