Sunday, December 4, 2011

Waterfalls of Almeria, Biliran

I never really thought of posting this picture here before but when I saw that it was actually nice and good looking, I decided to blog about it. This was my first time visiting this tremendous falls in Almeria, Biliran Province. Going to the place is not an easy task, you'll have to pass through some steepy cliff. There is actually four waterfalls on this side of Biliran. You can pass through them one by one until you reach the fourth waterfalls called "Kinaraha". First waterfalls is Sampaw if I'm not mistaken next is the Ulan-ulan and then Recoletos then lastly the Kinaraha Falls. We went there last May 2010 when some Cebuano friends of my cousin had a vacation at Naval. The Sampaw falls is not very accessible though you can see it while walking going to Ulan-ulan. Kinaraha is a bit far and locals said its a bit dangerous going there. So our party decided to just stay at Ulan-ulan then visit Recoletos.
Jumping from the side of Recoletos

In Recoletos, you can be like Tarzan because there's this rope hanging from a tree that you can ride on then jump off on the water. You can also go near its top and jump from there. Me and my cousins had a great time and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Biliran's waterfalls. I'm pretty sure our visitor enjoyed their visit too.
That's me! Catching the waters of Ulan-ulan Falls!

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