Monday, September 6, 2010


Four fishes for dinner
Poverty is one of the great problems our country needs to overcome. In Biliran province alone, major population is in the poverty level. I have an Aunt who's a nutritionist in Region 8 and said that Biliran Province is at the top 5 that has the most number of malnourished children.

When I had a week vacation in Naval,    I went to Red Stone Ville to have some lunch. It’s almost Sunset when I saw some kids fishing on the stony part of the sea shore. I approach them and asked if how was the catch. They said that they were already there since 10AM and hasn’t caught any promising fish for their meal. They only got few small fishes probably not enough for most of us but enough to complete their meal for the day. While talking to them, I never thought that they would be very enthusiastic in sharing their stories to me. One kid told me that this day is not a very lucky day for them but still they will strive for more catch.

Life is really hard for them and but still they are eager and willing to survive. At a young age, they already started to work for their food. One good thing is that they don’t lose hope and they have the courage to stand in their own feet.

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