Friday, June 17, 2011

Place I remember

This afternoon, I had a chit-chat with my classmate about how’s life going on. We were talking about personal experiences and stuff and one topic that brought into us is about the places I’ve been through. I told her that I was raised in Davao City and transferred to Manila to help my parents on their small business. I enjoyed living in Manila because everything there is a challenge. When my parent’s small business went bankrupt, I decided to work at an advertising firm. It’s more of a nocturnal shift so I’ll have to sleep during daytime and will have to wake up at night. Geez! That’s an abnormal life. I am on that way of life for more than 2 years until I got tired with it. So I decided to resign from my post and work somewhere else. Now, I’m here at Naval, Biliran, at my Father’s province and currently doing something that I really like (something I can’t disclose online). I found it very easy to adjust here compared to Manila. People here are very hospitable and very friendly.
Waiting for an MRT at Cubao Station

Kamias Road where I used to stay
Anyway, I am creating this post because there are times that I’m missing Manila sometimes. I never came back there since last year. There are times that I miss the MRT, the busy traffic, the people walking waiting for a jeepney ride at Aurora Boulevard and of course the food there. I can’t find Yellow Cab here or Krisypy Kreme, not even Max’s or Wendy’s or Burger King. I’ll have to travel to Cebu just to ease this salivating mouth. Here are some of my snapshots taken from my late N82 (rest in peace Cammy).
Foodtrip at Max's

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