Saturday, May 28, 2011

Police Operational Tactics Training

Camouflaging after crossing a river

Yesterday, I had a chance of watching police trainees of Region 8 in action doing their quasi-tactical operations inside the PPSC-RTS 8 camp at San Jose, Tacloban City. There are different stations that the trainees will have to pass through like the rope course, ambush and the night navigation. Its very awesome how this young men and women were able survived the hardships and all the challenges just to become a public servant.

On the way to the ambush site

Future police officers trying to cross a river

When I was watching them, I realized that police officers are not really as bad as what people believe. They have been very accommodating and very patient to the people watching them. Though there have been a lot of anomalies that involved policemen but let us not forget that they are the people that we call when there are criminal activities happening in our area. They are the one who protects us from evil minds at night when we are asleep.

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