Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Playing With Lights At Naval

I was busy watching TV one evening at Naval when the electricity went off. Another night of boring brown out. I was all alone at our old house so I decided to just go out and check if there are common friends outside. I was watching all the vehicles lighting up the street and that's when I realize to play with the vehicle lights that night. Took my camera and the tripod my sister lend me and went to our terrace and try to check a perfect spot for my subject. I've seen a lot of photos before about streets with lights flashing on it from the vehicles passing. I was so amazed about it so I decided to create my own version of this shot. After making sure that my camera is safe from falling to the ground, I then set the camera's aperture and shutter speed. I am a very big fan of "Auto Mode" in my camera but there are times that I use "Manual Mode" in photo shoot. I set the camera to f6 / 60sec. and then waited. After a few tries, I have now my finished product.

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