Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A mini-Photowalk at Tacloban City

I just had a mini-photowalk this afternoon at Tacloban City. I have been here in Tacloban for almost a month now and have been planning of doing a photowalk since then. It’s just that I didn’t have any chance of doing it because of my hectic schedule. This photowalk was not in the game plan today but my scheduled appointment was cancelled so I decided to go for a photowalk. Too bad it wasn’t fun doing it the first time because of the heavy rain that poured out the whole city. I think there’s gonna be a part 2 for this one because I know there’s a lot to shoot in the City. It’s so nice having a photowalk in Tacloban because the people are not over “usisero”. What I like most in the city is that people are obeying traffic rules. Since they don’t have foot-bridge yet, people are crossing the streets in the pedestrian lane. I was on my way to the Capitol when the rain started so I stopped by somewhere so that my camera won’t get any drops of rain water. I was waiting for over an hour and still the rain never stopped so I decided to just go back home and have a 2nd photowalk next time. So for now, these are the shots that I took on the busy streets of Tacloban City

The Anti-Jay Walking Sign

Busy street of Tacloban

Might be one of the old buildings in Tacloban

Tacloban's inter-City Tricycle

Street signs

No jeepneys

Big Fish for dinner. :D

A renovated old house

An Old House on the way to the Capitol

Another Old House on the way to Capitol

The Two Old Houses

Raindrops somewhere near Capitol

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