Wednesday, September 8, 2010

HDR Photo Using Dave Hill Effect

HDR is one of the coolest arts in Photography. I have posted HDR photos before but not really satisfied with the results but was just trying to show you all my work. Anyway, when it comes to HDR, Dave Hill is the name. He’s been doing well in HDR and still creating great results in his post processing technique. I tried Googling some articles and tutorials about the Dave Hill effect and learned a few tricks on how to do it in Lightroom. So, for those who are trying to develop their HDR using Lightroom, here are the settings I found that can make your HDR a Dave Hill Effect type.

* Recovery = 100
* Fill = 100
* Contrast = 100
* Clarity = 100
* Vibrance = 100
* Saturation = -75
* Adjust the black/exposure
* Add a lens vignette

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