Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Maniniyot Face! New Banner!

I just got a new banner for my Ang Maniniyot blog. I really wanted a real banner since the day this blog was born but wasn’t able to create one because I don’t do well in Photoshop. Until I met a friend •Gboy•, a fellow Bisdak in Symbianize, who’s willing to help people who are in need of Forum signatures or website banners. I asked him to create a website banner for me and gave him the specifications of a banner that I want and after a few minutes, everything is all set. My banner is already done after a few edits in Photoshop. I tried the banner in my blog and checked if everything seems fine and I think it’s cool. I just got a problem with this new banner because when I checked Mozilla Firefox, the border shows up and also in Internet Explorer but in Google Chrome, everything seems fine. I tried to check for the CSS Code but to no avail, I could not find it. I just hope somebody can be able to help me out fix this one for me. Anyway, I just want to thank •Gboy• for making this blog more presentable.

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