Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rizal Park

Me and my cousin paid visit to one of our Aunt in Rizal Province one day. My Aunt ask us if we would want to go visit the National Museum. Due to curiosity, I agreed to the plan and we went there one sunny afternoon. After the tour at the Museum, we went to the nearby park, the Luneta Park. At first, it wasn't really a good idea for me since I don't really like going there. But for the sake of not spoiling the day, I oblige to my Aunt's decision to go there. Well, it wasn't really bad at all. You see people having picnics and kids playing. Some are flying kites and tourists are taking pictures here and there. I took this photo at the right corner of the park. We were standing there because it started raining. From a sunny afternoon to a rainy afternoon, the weather shifted so fast. I had a great time with my family though. That's the sense of going to the Luneta Park, spending a quality time with your family.

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