Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Divisoria Today

Divisoria is one of the famous places in Manila. It is one of the busiest commercial area in the Metro. People goes to Divisoria because they are selling cheap items compared to those items you see in the mall. Of course, the problem is that all the items being sold here are immitations. The quality that you get is equal to the amount that you paid for an item that you buy. Divisoria is also known to be the den of thieves. This is one major problem when you shop at Divisoria. You will have to take care of your belongings because even earrings are being grabbed in your ears. I think the Government of Manila must do something about it. They should double the security in Divisoria because people continue to patronize the products sold here. The more people visit Divisoria, the more thieves will be present in the area. 

Before, when I first visit divisoria, the place was so crowded the it is really hard for you to walk in the middle of the street or even at the sidewalk. The stalls are being placed in the middle of the streets that's why when I visit it again with my cousin last month, there was really a big difference. The jeepneys can pass through the C.M. Recto street now and stalls are being placed on the sidewalk. The place is not too crowded anymore but I think it is only seasonal. It is more busier during Christmas Season and during School Season.

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