Sunday, June 15, 2008

Boat Ride at La Mesa EcoPark

Last year, when I was still working at a call center in Makati, I had a friend who happens to be a music player too. Until we discovered that some of our team mates plays musical instruments too. We had a retro party at the office and we were ask to play there. We played old school music with all the costumes. Since both of my team mates are better than me when it comes to guitar, I played the beat box during the entire performance. After we played at the office, we were ask by one of our friend's friend to play at their wedding reception. It was really fast and we don't have enough time to practice. The wedding reception was held at the La Mesa EcoPark. While waiting for the wedding to finish, we decided to roam around and see what is up with La Mesa EcoPark. While exploring the whole park, we saw this boat rides and I got attracted to the boats that are parked at the side of the lagoon. Its just a simple shot. The original photo was actually a panorama of the lagoon but I decided to crop it and only show this parked boats.

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