Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tinago Falls

This is the Tinago Falls of Naval, Biliran province. I went to Naval 2 years ago to attend my cousin's debut party. After the debut party, I decided to stay there for how a month or so. Since its summer, me and my cousins were able to spend quality time together. One day, we planned of going cross country to go to Tinago Falls. At first I thought its near the town proper of Naval but when we were travelling, its like we arrived at the venue after 2 hours. Maybe the rough road caused it. Naval, Biliran province is considered an undiscovered paradise. It has a lot of beautiful beaches and also waterfalls. I've seen Rice Terraces for the first time that I thought I can only see in Benguet Province. Biliran is really rich in natural resources and I hope people would take good care of it. I think Biliran province can compete to Iligan's falls because Biliran does have a lot of waterfalls available for the tourist. My only wish is that Naval will be developed soon by the Government.

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